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Flash IDE code hints for TweenLite – built with CSDoc!

In my last post I released my new AIR app CSDoc for generating Flash IDE code hints from ASDoc comments.  The app is very useful for people that create AS3 libraries, but it can also be employed by the end user.  Any library that is released with source code can be processed by ASDoc, and subsequently converted into code hints using CSDoc.

As an example, I have run CSDoc against the popular TweenLite/TweenMax animation package developed by Jack Doyle at   You can download the resulting Flash extension here (MXP).

To generate this package, I followed these steps:

  1. Downloaded the library source
  2. Ran asdoc on the package with the “-keep-xml” flag (I highly recommend Grant Skinner’s ASDocr for this task) ***Use Flex SDK 3.4 or LOWER***
  3. Ran CSDoc on the resulting toplevel_classes.xml file
  4. Packaged the resulting files into an MXP using the Adobe Extension Manager

That’s it!  This should work on any open source AS3 library, provided you have the appropriate supporting libs available.

Please let me know if you find this extension useful or if you’d like to see packages made for any other popular libraries.


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